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Best Cosmetic Dentist Sydney

Aesthetic Dentistry | Cosmetic Dentist Sydney

Aesthetic Dentistry | Cosmetic Dentist Sydney

Smile Evaluation

It’s easy to get a bright, winning smile with the help of our affordable cosmetic dentistry. We can assess and improve the colour, shape, position and overall look of your teeth, as well as the position of your lips in relation to your teeth.


While more and more people these days seek cosmetic dentistry care, some of us still continue to think that such procedures are only for celebrities, who are constantly in the spotlight.

However, cosmetic dentistry procedures are available to everyone. Cosmetic dental treatment will help to restore your teeth and make you feel confident in your smile.

The most common cosmetic dentistry procedures are veneers and teeth whitening.

Veneers are produced from medical-grade ceramics are made to match the natural teeth form of the patient. Each veneer is applied to the tooth with the help of the dental adhesive and can solve a number of cosmetic dental problems like a teeth gap or a crooked tooth.

Teeth Whitening is the most popular cosmetic treatment for teeth. Before whitening, the surface of each tooth is thoroughly cleaned from plaque and tartar. This procedure restores your natural teeth or makes them a few shades lighter.

Moreover, whitening removes the stains that occur due to the consumption of food, drinks and various bad habits like smoking or drinking alcohol.

Benefits of cosmetic dentistry:

  1. Getting beautiful teeth

Cosmetic dentistry can fix and conceal a lot of imperfections like stains, differently shaped teeth, cracks, etc.

  1. Looking younger

Problematic teeth are often a result of aging processes. We will make you look younger by correcting and enhancing the beauty of your smile.

  1. Averting future dental damage

Dental procedures not only enhance your natural charm but also prevent further distortion of your teeth.

Consult the dentist

Come to our cosmetic dental clinic to receive the consultation of professional orthodontists. We will carefully study the overall state of your teeth and see what we can do to improve their aesthetic appeal.

There are a lot of various procedures, and together we will choose the most suitable one for you. Our team will work on your teeth and teach you how to maintain the brilliant smile you are going to get.

Experience the change and positivity in your life with our help.  We strive to make the life of our patients better. Smile wider with Clear Dental!

Before and After Cosmetic Treatment


Why it is important to look into all your cosmetic dental treatment options

It’s great if you only need minor aesthetic issues to be fixed or would like some whitening to enhance the appearance of your teeth. Often, cosmetic treatments for teeth such as dental bonding and recontouring are easy to perform to improve the shape, alignment and tooth longevity as well.

But there are plenty of issues of greater concern when it comes to the structural integrity, condition and positioning of an individual’s teeth. These are identified during professional evaluation and often discovered through additional diagnostic tests, magnification, X-rays or 3D dental scans.

In some cases of misshapen, cracked or fractured teeth, cosmetic dentistry procedures or partial restoration aren’t enough to address the issue. As tooth cracks are common but highly variable in extent and in the exposed tooth area, advanced restorative or endodontic treatments may be needed, such as root canal therapy or tooth replacement.

Take the anxiety out of cosmetic dentistry procedures by understanding what needs to be done

An initial appointment to evaluate your dental condition and overall oral health is of paramount importance. But when you come to the Clear Dental clinic, all your concerning questions are answered by the best cosmetic dentists in Sydney, and you can rest assured they will explain everything in great detail:

  • The prognosis or risks associated with specific conditions
  • The necessity of any additional tests or procedures for aiding in the evaluation
  • The cosmetic dentistry services that will fit your needs best
  • All you should know to fully understand your options, their benefits, and how the procedures are performed

Besides Central Sydney, our cosmetic dentists work in four different locations for your convenience. You are welcome to book an appointment near you for the highest level of services and care. You’ll be happy with your choice!

Contact us today for cosmetic dental treatment: Better sooner than too late

Some of the issues preventing your smile from looking its best may be easily seen and therefore considered quite annoying, but not that urgent or important. However, underestimating many conditions and their underlying causes results in those progressing in severity or symptoms.

Interestingly enough, some of those symptoms aren’t even commonly associated with dental issues. For instance, malocclusion may be the cause of excessive wrinkle formation, facial asymmetry or chronic headaches. Braces can be helpful to correct misalignment, but if you are concerned about getting these, Invisalign clear braces are the ideal solution because no one will even notice them.

Luckily, many dental conditions are easily manageable when caught early on. In such cases, the least invasive and painful cosmetic dentistry procedures may suffice. Compared to treating conditions that progress into the pulp or the root, cosmetic procedures are your most enjoyable dental clinic experiences.

That’s why timely consultation and treatment planning are important to benefit from a range of aesthetic services that are currently available at Clear Dental. Don’t hesitate to schedule your visit today to avoid too-late treatment complexities.

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