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Piezoelectric Surgery



Dental treatments have been continuously evolving and improving to best suit patient needs with great comfort and fewer complications. The newest technology in dentistry is the Piezosurgery Dental Procedure which is being offered in our clinic, Clear Dental.

What is Piezoelectric Surgery?

Piezoelectric surgery is a procedure that uses an ultrasound device that creates micro-vibrations to cut the bone. This surgical procedure is also called piezosurgery. The piezoelectric dental device works only to the bone.

The piezosurgery device has a tip that vibrates in different frequencies which enables cutting of the bone without damaging structures like the nerves.

How does Piezoelectric Dental Device work?

Conventionally, the bone is removed with the use of dental hand drills and burs ­–which can remove all the structures aside from the bone. With piezosurgery, it acts in three ways:

  • Micrometric Cutting Action – it provides precise micrometric removal of the bone which improves healing of the bone.
  • Selective Cutting Action – it provides a different selection of frequencies to protect unnecessary cutting of other structures like nerves, blood vessels, and other vital structures in your body.
  • Cavitation Effect – it is the process of vapourization, bubble generation, and subsequent implosion of fluid to have a blood-free surgical site which makes it easier for the dentist or surgeon.

When is Piezosurgery needed?

It is the treatment of choice whenever bone removal or bone shaping is needed in a surgical procedure such as:

  • Placement of dental implants that requires maxillary sinus lift, ridge expansion, and decompressing the nerve in the lower jaw.
  • Crown lengthening: It allows less traumatic removal of excess gums.
  • Orthodontic surgery, such as corticotomy and osteotomy. It facilitates rapid movement of teeth during orthodontic treatments.
  • Removal of teeth that requires removal of bone.
  • Third molar or Wisdom tooth removal.
  • Surgical Removal of Dental Cyst.
  • Root canal treatment.
  • Harvesting of bone for bone grafting.

Benefits of Piezoelectric Surgery (Dentistry)

Piezosurgery is a less invasive surgical procedure. It facilitates precise cutting of bone compared to conventional hand drilling burs and hand instruments. A precisely cut bone will have faster and better osseointegration or fusion of your dental implants to the bone.

You also expect less swelling and faster healing of the surgical site with the use of piezosurgery in dental procedures.

You are also guaranteed that vital structures like nerves, blood vessels, membranes and tissues in your mouth are protected from unnecessary destruction.

In addition, complex cases which are complicated to perform in conventional hand drilling approach can be performed with the use of the piezoelectric dental device.

At Clear Dental, we constantly enhance our facilities to provide quality surgical procedures to our patients. Piezosurgery price in Sydney is reasonable for all the benefits this procedure offers. It might be a bit expensive, but it makes the avoidance of other complications worth it.

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