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Clear Dental Chatswood | North Shore Dentist | Open 7 Days

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Clear Dental Chatswood | North Shore Dentist

Chatswood dental clinic: Your caring choice nearby

Clear Dental is open 7 days a week, welcoming patients from 9 am to 6 pm. Whether you need a new implant or your little one has developed tooth decay, be sure to see our dentists in Chatswood. We can be easily found in the North Shore area to deliver the right treatment for your dental needs.

Our Chatswood location is fully equipped to provide a range of dental services with quality going into every procedure. We’ll make time to explain your options, what your treatment includes and how you can maintain dazzling results. You can talk to our staff to get any details about our services, so you have more information to go for the best one.

Locally operated, Clear Dental is here for you, and priority is always given to your dental health. So, if the unexpected happens, you can see our Chatswood dentists for emergency service 7 days a week. Public holidays are the only occasions when we are unavailable.

We also have a no-gap policy in place. Your first visit to the Clear Dental clinic in Chatswood may not involve any out-of-pocket expenses. Check with your insurance plan and the coverage providers we work with for more details.

Clear Dental Chatswood is the network provider for CBHS

Telephone: (02) 9411 5663

Address: 2/12 Thomas Street, Chatswood, NSW 2067

Opening hours: 9am-6pm Everyday (except for Public Holidays)

Available Services

Cosmetic Dentistry: Veneers, Crowns, Bridges

General Dentistry: Consultation, Fillings, Children’s Dentistry, Geriatric Care Dentistry, Preventive Dentistry, Root Canal Therapy, Gentle Dentistry

One Visit Ceremic Filling, Crown, Bridge (CEREC Omni CAD/CAM)

Orthodontics: Invisalign, Lingual Braces, Metal and Ceramic Braces, Clear Retainers, Lingual Wire Retainers

Same Day Emergency: Cracked and Decayed Teeth, Pain Relief, Gum Infection Management

Sedation: IV Sedation (Sleep Dentistry), Happy Gas, Oral Sedation

Surgery: Wisdom Teeth Removals, Dental Implants, Root Canal Surgery, Piezoelectric Surgery

Your New Chatswood Family Dentist

The dental health of your family is a constant concern. While you might have instilled good dental hygiene habits at your home, the truth is that everyone needs a reliable, professional dentist for general care and in the case of emergencies.

If you’re looking for family dental care in Chatswood, then look no further than Clear Dental.  Our team of experts is fully committed to being more than just an emergency dentist in Chatswood, NSW – we’re here to guide you to great oral hygiene, and we do it with a smile.

We’re not just known as a leading orthodontist. In Chatswood, everyone knows that our friendly staff will happily provide you with all the facts you need to make the best choice about your dental needs. They’re happy to help and address any queries. Think of our team as a family that’s here to take care of your family’s dental needs and put a smile on your face with a range of affordable, convenient treatments.

Finding a Pediatric Dentist in Chatswood

We understand how tough it can be to find a great dentist in Chatswood. Prices, services, and hours all vary, not to mention the fact that you need to be able to trust and rely on your chosen dental team with your child’s oral health.

Here in the North Shore District, we understand just what it means to find great dental care. That’s why we’ve made sure you can find our physically address easily, and park securely – there’s parking directly near our offices, which can also be accessed by public transportation.

The fact that we’re walking distance away from a popular shopping and lifestyle centers isn’t an accident – we’re here to help you on your terms and with the least disruption possible. Besides, sometimes you may want to surprise your child with a new gift of their choice for behaving at the dentist.

We also understand that with children dental accidents can happen at any time. Therefore, we have daily emergency appointments available, and because we’re open 7 days a week, you can rest assured that we are always here when you and your family need us.

The essential point is that we have made sure we’ve done everything possible to make sure that Clear Dental is the best choice for your entire family. Contact us today to find out more about prices, treatments, and the services we offer. We’re looking forward to making you smile.

Direction to Clear Dental Chatswood

3/12 Thomas Street, Chatswood, NSW 2067

We are 1 min walk from Chatswood Station, towards Pacific Highway

Chatswood Dentist Sydney Chinese Dentist

Chatswood Dentist Sydney Chinese Dentist

Chatswood Dentist Sydney Chinese Dentist

We service patients from Chatswood, Lane Cove, Artarmon, St.Leonards, Riverview, Longueville, Lindfield, Gordon, Killara, Roseville, Castle Cove, Middle Cove, Castlecrag, Northbridge,  Killarney Heights, Forestville, Naremburn, Cammeray, Neutral Bay, North Sydney, Crows Nest, Willoughby.

Why should you choose professional dental services in Chatswood?

It is not uncommon for people to avoid seeing a dentist. Some believe they don’t need dental care until they get a toothache, while others say no to regular appointments because of price shock. There is not much awareness about oral health, and ignoring it for a long time may prove to be even costlier. That is why you may want to visit a dentist in Chatswood.

It’s not all about routine cleaning. Below are some reasons why you should talk to one of our professional cosmetic dentists in Chatswood:

  • Oral health is an integral part of overall health. The health of your teeth and gums plays a pivotal role in affecting your general well-being. Harmful bacteria can easily enter your respiratory and digestive systems through the mouth. Regular brushing and flossing may keep it under control, but without proper oral hygiene, you may suffer from oral infections. This contributes to various diseases, including cardiovascular disorders, endocarditis, pneumonia and diabetes. Scheduling regular dental check-ups with a Chatswood dentist at Clear Dental can help you avoid any extreme conditions.
  • Dentistry is not limited to finding cavities. An oral check-up is not just about filling a decayed part of a tooth. Our dentists can detect the early signs of gum disease and other health conditions like oral thrush. Regular visits may cost you a little, but they save you from the price you will have to pay for neglecting your dental health.
  • Effective home-care routine comes with expert guidance. Brushing your teeth in the morning is hard-wired into your subconscious mind. However, most people don’t even pay attention to how they are doing it. One visit to the Clear Dental Chatswood dental clinic can give you a wake-up call. Our dentists will let you know what spots you or your kids are missing while brushing and how your family can make the most of oral cleansing products and brushes to maintain better oral hygiene habits.
  • Early diagnosis can save you money. Most dental caries and gum diseases can be treated quickly and without high prices, if diagnosed early. But letting them grow large enough may spell trouble, along with high-cost office procedures and home treatments.

Fix your dental issues at the onset or be prepared to fork out for getting them removed. The choice is yours!

Get painless treatment at our Chatswood dental care facility

Fear of dental procedures is a major reason people put off their treatments. If this rings a bell to you, come to the Clear Dental clinic in Chatswood to see how pain-free all dental treatments can be. With technology and extensive expertise, we make any visit to a dentist a comfortable experience.

Whether it’s about a root canal treatment or dental implants in Chatswood, you won’t feel the pain during and after the procedure. We try our best to provide non-invasive solutions and only recommend surgery when it’s necessary.

To book an appointment at our Chatswood dental centre, fill in the booking form.