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Composite Resin Restorations

Resin filling

Composite Resin Restorations | White Fillings

Previously, your dentist could only fill your cavities with unattractive metal alloys of silver and mercury. Everybody has a story regarding these noticeable and unsightly fillings falling out while eating or speaking. However, composite resin restorations allow for better conservation of tooth structure, are tooth-coloured and therefore more pleasing to the eye, and provide exceptional strength.

Amalgam Replacement


Potential complications

  1. Pain – when a filling is done close to the nerve of a tooth
  2. Allergy – rare, but the tooth may be very sore for a few weeks
  3. Leakage problems – always occurs after 1-2 years of filling placement. This may result in decays under the fillings. The material generally shrinks about 5% once it is placed in the cavity.
  4. Debonding – filling may come off a tooth if during placement the tooth cannot be kept dry.
  5. Discoloration – very common if someone drinks tea or coffee regularly. The material is some what porous microscopically.
  6. Wear – composite resin is not very resistant to chewing. It will wear down over time depends on how heavy the person chews, bites, or grinds at night.
  7. Gum disease – occurs when dentist does not use matrix properly to create good contact points.
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