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What is Invisalign?



What Is The Invisalign Teeth Straightening Treatment?

To put it simply: Invisalign is one of the most used teeth straightening technologies currently available. It’s a newer style of discreet orthodontics, as opposed to the older style of having painfully obvious wires on your teeth for all to see. Find out more below and call to speak to one of our experts on Invisalign in Sydney today.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign works by inserting small, almost invisible, pieces that have been custom made for your teeth. You can’t just pick up a box of Invisalign at the supermarket, because it truly is made to treat your specific case only. These pieces are called aligners, and they are made of a very thin yet tough thermoplastic substance. Of course, all materials used are medical grade.

Over a period of time, your teeth will slowly move in to the positions that they should be in. You should not experience much discomfort with this method due to the gradual nature of the changes in teeth alignment.

How Long Does It Take?

For the average adult, the Invisalign teeth process will take about 12 months to complete the task of realigning teeth. The treatment length for teenagers varies by a much larger margin. In both adults and teenagers, only a doctor will be able to determine the treatment length. Feel free to ask about any current Invisalign deals in Sydney when you contact our staff.

Are There Restrictions On Food During This Time?

No, not really. You can eat and drink whatever you like, because you can simply take out your aligner and then put it back in yourself after you’re finished with your meal. It is not recommended to eat without taking the aligner out first, as it can lead to problems from either too much stress on the material, or just having pieces of food stuck in it.

At Clear Dental we strive to offer cheap Invisalign in Sydney while maintaining the highest standards in both medical care and the products used. We don’t take shortcuts, and we don’t take risks with your health.

If all of this sounds like something you would be interested in, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of friendly and professional staff to learn more about it. We’re sure you will enjoy your new smile that much more when you choose Clear Dental for the best Invisalign in Sydney.

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