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At Clear Dental, we are oral physicians in improving your dental health by means of practicing comprehensive dentistry, treating the mouth as a whole not just one tooth at a time.

Our goal is to maintain your dental health for a lifetime, so our commitment is to deliver treatment of the highest quality. The high standard of care by our well trained team is fully supported by the latest up-to-date equipment and procedures to ensure your ongoing dental health.

We do this by first ascertaining any current dental issues and taking a complete medical and dental record. This includes a thorough examination of your mouth and undertaking any further diagnostic records including below:

  1. Itero digital dental scan – this is used to check for your teeth alignment relating to your bite and keeps a record of tooth wear from bruxism or clenching. The scan can also show cavities, soft tissue recession, and smile.
  2. Photos – these are used to record soft tissue pathology and level, tooth wear, smile, and cavities/cracks.
  3. Radiographs – these are used to check for cavities, pathology, and gum disease.

We generally spend 1 hour for your examination, clean, and the record taking above.

Based on the findings, we recommend treatment alternatives and these will be discussed with you to finalise a plan that suits your needs and dresires. The consulting dentist will suggest a comprehensive treatment plan and the cost associated with these procedures will be discussed with you.

The first visit to our surgery will be consisted of the followings and will be NO GAP payment for eligible health fund members. If no health fund, then a maximum of $220 will be charged for this appointment.

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