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Our Financial Policy










For no gap check up clean visit if you forgot to bring your health insurance card with you on the same day, you will be required to pay everything in FULL (around $400). Once you get the rebate from your health insurer, please bring in your statement and we will make a refund for the gap back to you accordingly.

We offer payment plans for treatments over $4000 via direct debit (Commonwealth Bank).

Payment for any procedure is made on completion of your visit. Any change to this policy must be discussed and authorised by our accounts team in advance.

If you are unable to pay off the account on the day, we will require to make a photocopy of your driver’s license and you will be required to fill “Repayment Agreement Form”

Overdue accounts of 7 days or more will incur administrative charges, such as monthly compound interest rate of 2%. Accounts over 90 days will incur an extra administration fee of 25% of the outstanding balance.

Overdue accounts more over 90 days will also be forwarded to our debt collector team.

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