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Possible Complications of Dental Implant Treatment


Possible Complications of Dental Implant Treatment

Dental implant surgery, like all types of surgical procedure, carries some degree of risk. It is not usual for a dentist to outline every possible rare complication of treatment. However, it is important that you have enough information about side effects and complications to fully weigh up the risk and benefits of treatment.

The following risk are listed to inform you, not to alarm you. There may be other risks that are not listed.

General Surgical Risks

Allergic reaction to the anaesthetic

Short term nausea following general anaesthesia

Very rarely, excessive bleeding from the would that may be life-threatening and require a blood transfusion

Infection of the would that may require antibiotics

Specific Risks of Implant Surgery

Affected sinus

Fractured lower jaw

Damaged nerve

Inhaling or swallowing equipment or parts

Specific Risk of Implant Treatment

Speech problem

Gum tissue overgrowth (hyperplasia)

Local infection

Systemic infection

Bone Loss

Loose Implant

Loose tooth

Tooth problems