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About Clear Dental Group

Sydney Dentist Clear Dental

Our Philosophy

Our practice is devoted to providing our patients with comprehensive dental care for a healthy smile. We believe that oral health care is an integral part of total health care. We strive to give our patients the best treatment available along with the information needed to make proper decisions regarding their mouths. We have included our Mission Statement for more information about our practice philosophy.

Our Mission Statement


We believe that our practice delivers high quality work using the finest materials we have available. We will be truthful and honest with our patients if there are ever any troubles and make sure we provide them with the best work possible.


We believe that it is worth the time to do a quality job from the start. We do not sacrifice quality in materials or save money with bargain dental labs. Each doctor prides himself in treating our patients like family, in not cutting corners. This is manifest in the technology we have invested in and small touches like digital photographs to make sure the subtleties of a crown are captured for the lab.

Friendly, Personal Service

Few people enjoy going to the dentist, but we want to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Most of all, we want to treat our patients like people. We want to get to know them and make our dentistry personal. This way we can develop a honest and trusting relationship for years to come.

Aesthetically Beautiful

We make every restoration beautiful as well as functional, taking into account many factors in order to analyze our patient’s smile. From all porcelain crowns, to composite restorations to repair chips or cavities, we make all our restorations as beautiful as possible. See our section on cosmetic dentistry or our cases for examples of work performed in our offices.


We will treat you with respect and provide information on the services we will provide before starting our work.

Trustworthy and Secure

Our office staff and doctors will keep your information private. We build a trusting relationship over time with our patients, just talk to one of the many patients that have been seen in our office for many years!


We believe a dentist should give honest answers that are in the patients’ best interest. Our job is to provide information that empowers the patient to make the best decisions. Again, we want to treat our patients like they are members of our own family.

Sydney Dentist Clear Dental

Our Dental Technology

  • Digital intraoral X-ray
  • Digital full mouth X-ray
  • Intraoral camera
  • Invisalign evaluation software
  • Dental surgery/implant CT scan software
  • Hospital Grade Autoclave
  • Sleep dentistry
  • Microscopes

Sydney Dentist Clear Dental

Our Sterilization and Disinfectants

  • We take these steps seriously in both “dirty” and “clean” zones of our sterilization rooms.
  • We sterilize our instruments based on Australian Dental Association guidelines.
  • We only use hospital grade sterilizers (B class)
  • We change all instruments between patients.
  • We package all our instruments.
  • We only use hospital grade disinfectants to clean all the surfaces on benches, chair, lights, etc and use barrier sleeves whenever possible
  • All our staff take blood test once a year. In case of a needle stick injury, we do a blood test on the day of the incident and 3 months after.
  • Anyone with blood born infections such as HIV, Hep C, etc are NOT allowed to work in the clinical area.
  • Patients are welcome to purchase their own dental instruments through us, for example, probes, mirrors, and tweezers.

Our Network of Dental Specialists

Oral Surgeons

  • Dr. Anthony Naim
  • Dr. Peter Hook
  • Dr. James Younessi
  • Dr. Lydia Lim


  • Professor Zee
  • Dr. Rajiv Verma
  • Dr. Dang Tran
  • Dr. Vijay Tumuluri


  • Dr. John Barbat
  • Dr. Shalin Desai
  • Dr. Mehdi Rahimi

Paediatric Dentists

  • Dr. Suzanne Brent
  • Dr. Rebecca Eggers
  • Dr. Philippa Sawyer


  • Dr. Atul Mehta
  • Dr. Robert Fox
  • Dr. Shimanto Purkayastha
  • Dr. Andrew Chang

Dental Technicians

  • Race Dental
  • The Ortho Lab
  • AIPC Dental Lab
  • Ezer Lab
  • Australian Dental Studio

Google Reviews

Autumn Lu
Autumn Lu
23:50 06 Mar 18
clean and excellent facility. dentist was very patient and knowledgeable, very gentle on the treatment too, didn't feel any pain.
Phoebe Zhou
Phoebe Zhou
04:29 13 Feb 18
Dr Johnson was really nice and skillful, I went into the clinic with my Mum as a emergency case, my Mum revived a very efficient treatment.
Michelle Lin
Michelle Lin
00:01 19 May 17
Cannot appreciate more. This is your go-to dental clinic! best service and best staff.
Stan Ghys
Stan Ghys
03:32 07 Oct 16
The team at Clear Dental Sydney CBD are highly professional and friendly, as well as conveniently located. I recommend them to everyone. They put a smile on your face :-)
John Huang
John Huang
04:11 30 Sep 16
Very professional service and gave me the smile I always wanted.
Samuel Herdman
Samuel Herdman
00:36 02 May 16
Have loved the team here since moving to Sydney 3 years ago. Monique's professionalism and friendly vibe makes the visits to the dentist so much easier! So easy to get to in the city and they are easy to contact. Thanks guys!
Chris Brun
Chris Brun
03:29 28 Jan 16
Great experience! Great location! Affordable! I didn't feel rushed in and out! 5 stars!
Emma Atkinson
Emma Atkinson
04:33 21 Aug 15
Clear Dental provides the best dental experience I have ever had every visit! Professional, friendly, clean and experts in their field my dentist always makes me feel comfortable and has given me the best smile! Definitely recommend.
varun sharma
varun sharma
02:42 09 Mar 15
I would highly recommend Clear dental to everyone, it was my first visit to them. I was a bit nervous as i heard a lot of stories on how dentist charge you a bulk amount. Not being a member of any private health insurance i was more scared. But thanks to the lady doctor at clear dental... i am happy and satisfied with the way my filling was done. I was charged a fairly reasonable amount and was she kept explaining me step by step what she is doing and why so . I felt she was genuine and was master of her profession. THANK YOU Clear Denta
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