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Clear Dental
Clear Dental | Centre for Invisaligh & Cosmetic Dentistry | Open 7 Days
Clear Dental
Clear Dental | Centre for Invisaligh & Cosmetic Dentistry | Open 7 Days

Welcome to Clear Dental - Best Dental Clinic in Sydney

Cosmetic dentistry can elevate your smile from great to fantastic with the right dentist. Clear Dental Dentists invite you to come in, relax, and enjoy the art and science of cosmetic dentistry. Our treatments focus on maintaining a healthy, movie star-quality smile for our patients. We specialize in Invisalign, teeth whitening, and creating natural-looking veneers, crowns, and bridges. Even regular teeth cleanings are important to us. You’ll have the most amazing cleaning and like all our treatments, they are conducted with the utmost care and attention to your comfort. Why don't you give us a call today at (02) 9456 6557 or book with us online. Our Chatswood branch opens 7 days. We also like to look after emergency patients. open-7-days-clear-dental invisalign-platinum

Welcome to Clear Dental - Best Dental Clinic in Sydney

Nobody can underestimate how important a clean, white smile is. We’re the only dental clinic in Sydney that can guarantee you incredible results repeatedly. Our technicians are at the top of their profession and can deliver treatments when you choose, as well as if you need an emergency dentist in Sydney.   We have all the tools to address the needs of our patients on a whim. We’re always prepared to give you exactly what you need.  

Better than all the Rest

  If you need the best dentist in Sydney, you should look no further than Clear Dental Dentists. We know what white smiles are all about. We can make all the difference through delivering an array of treatments via the latest technology.  

Change Your Life

  A good dentist in Sydney can make a big difference. But the best Sydney dental clinic can completely change your life. A gleaming smile with perfectly straight teeth can completely revolutionize your life.   Our patients have grown in confidence upon unveiling their new smiles. They’ve gone on to get that job they wanted, take chances, and find their soul mates. It’s all because their new smiles have recaptured the real them.   And we can do the same for you.  

Value for Money

  Getting the smile of your dreams doesn’t have to break the bank. We offer some of the most affordable prices in the entire Sydney area. Come in for a consultation today and let us show you what we have to offer and how little it’s going to cost you.   Our patients are shocked at how little they must pay for a five-star service. We never compromise on quality. We simply believe in giving you exactly what you pay for, and that’s where our value promise comes in. Are you ready to get a whiter smile today? Why don't you give us a call today at (02) 9456 6557 or book with us online. Our Chatswood branch opens 7 days. We also like to look after emergency patients.

Our Services


It’s easy to get a bright, winning smile with the help of our professional dental team. We can assess and improve the colour, shape, position and overall look of your teeth.


A dental implant is a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, denture, facial prosthesis.

Teeth Whitening (Zoom)

We also offer a laser or in-surgery teeth whitening solution to Sydney patients. This is a short, simple procedure that occurs at our practice, and involves the use of a light-activated bleaching gel.


Straightening your teeth is the best way to boost your confidence. We offer both fixed braces and Invisalign.


Dental emergencies do not always involve pain, although this is a common signal that something needs to be looked at.


If you’re worried about pain or discomfort when undergoing dental treatment then our sleep dentistry services may be the solution for you.

Our Branch Locations


101/127 York Street, Sydney (02) 9283 6220

Bella Vista

113/10 Norbrik Drive, Bella Vista
(02) 9456 6192

Berowra Heights

14/1C Turner Road, Berowra Heights (02) 9456 0013


2/12 Thomas Street, Chatswood (02) 9411 5663

About Clear Dental Group

Our practice is devoted to providing our patients with comprehensive dental care for a healthy smile.


We believe that it is worth the time to do a quality job. We do not sacrifice quality in materials or save money with bargain dental labs.


We will treat you with respect and provide information on the services we will provide before starting our work.


We believe that our practice delivers high quality work using the finest materials we have available.

Our Team

Dr. Elva Huang

Sydney Dentist

She was born in Taipei Taiwan and grew up in New Zealand. During the working years in NZ, she attended to patients of all backgrounds: private and government health contract, which include geriatric, intellectual disabled client, mental health patients in Tauranga hospital and Waikeria prison.

Dr. Lauren Minard

Berowra Dentist

Lauren’s friendly and caring nature ensures that her patients always feel comfortable and confident in the treatment that she provides.

Dr. Evelyn Morgado

Bella Vista Dentist

Evelyn is passionate about preventive dental care and patient education, and her special interests, in general practice.

Dr. Sophia Ha

Berowra Dentist

Sophia has a broad range of experience in general dentistry. Her very gentle, calm and caring nature will put all patients at ease during their visit to the practice.

Dr.Monique Cheung

Sydney Dentist

Dr Cheung enjoys all aspects of dentistry, and is committed to providing the highest quality of care, by keeping up to date with the latest in dental innovation and technology.

Dr.Sara Chu

Chatswood Dentist

Dr.Chu has a great interest in all areas of dentistry with a particular interest in crown and bridgework, orthodontics and endodontics. Dr.Chu is committed to always offering the highest standard of care to her patients whilst caring for her patients’ needs with her kind and gentle manner.

Dr.Chloe Lu

Chatswood Dentist

Dr Lu is also fluent in English and Mandarin which assist her to communicate and develop a good rapport with patients. Dr Lu is a friendly, passionate and dedicated person, who values and treats her patients the same as her family members.

Dr.Sherry Guo

Chatswood Dentist

Dr.Guo has extensive experience in wisdom teeth removal, emergency dentistry, crowns and bridge work and treating nervous patients.

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